Review: RockMelt browser

Posted on December 12, 2010 by


I’ve been using the new browser by @rockmelt ( for the past three or four weeks and I absolutely love it! It is REVOLUTIONARY. And I don’t say that lightly.

First, it’s based on Google’s Chrome, which automatically makes it slick, swift, and sexy.

But what’s so revolutionary is that it completely integrates your facebook and twitter accounts into your browser. So instead of having to open these accounts on separate tabs like you would with any other browser, these accounts are pinned down on what Rockmelt calls an “edge” (see picture on left). What this ultimately means is that you don’t have to worry anymore about your boss catching you on facebook!

The edge is a springboard to your social media. Each social media account has a small icon that shows you in real time whenever something new has been posted. In this example, I have 40 unread updates on Facebook (better get cookin). What’s also great about it is you can be logged-in to multiple accounts at once. This is huge for anyone managing several twitter or facebook accounts. I have a personal account (@brysonwhite), my blog account (@hungryhive), and an account I manage for a non-profit (@effectint). Instead of having to repeatedly log-in and log-out of these accounts in order to share things, I can keep them all open and share at will. HUGE saver of time and hassle

Another great feature is the “share” button located at the top of the browser (see left). I can hit that button from any website I’m on and either post it directly to my facebook wall or tweet it from any of my accounts without having to even leave the page. It even shortens the URL for you! Like I said, perfect for when you don’t want the boss to catch you “wasting time” on social media.

Rockmelt has loads of other features, but those are my favorites. For a full intro, Rockmelt put together a nice little video:  Right now the only way to get it is by invitation. I still have a few invites left. If you’d like one, send me a tweet @hungryhive. Enjoy!

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