the most followed utahns on twitter (updated)

Posted on December 14, 2010 by


From world-renowned musicians and olympic athletes to average joes and multi-level marketers, we’ve rounded up a list of the most influential twitter users in the beehive state (note: we’ve taken the liberty of skipping over spammy accounts -e.g. folks like “Internet Marketing” and “Make Money Ideas”- Who likes to follow spam?)

  1. @dooce: Heather B Armstrong, 1,566,101 followers. Mommy blogger extraordinaire! Blogs at
  2. @DavidArchie: David Archuleta, 534,691 followers. We were actually shocked when we discovered this. Turns out the American Idol sensation still calls Utah his home.
  3. @ApoloOhno: Apolo Anton Ohno, 211,838 followers. The olympic speed skater’s twitter profile claims he lives in Seattle, Utah, NY, LA, and BC. Don’t know how he does it all, but we’re happy to have him.
  4. @mikehobbs: Mike Hobbs, 43,329. “Network” marketer, family guy, and internet entrepreneur. Calls St. George home.
  5. @NathanBryce: Nathan Bryce, 40,495 followers. Not really sure what he does (motivational speaker? life coach?). But you can read his blog at if you’d like to find out.
  6. @sundancefest: Sundance Film Festival, 40,055 followers. January 20-30 is this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Be there! (couldn’t find Robert Redford on twitter. Anyone know if he’s out there?)
  7. @randyeagar: Randy Yeagar, 38,235 followers. Technology humorist and SEO specialist.
  8. @louievito: Louie Vito, 31,976 followers. I think the only way to describe Louie is “kick ass snowboarder.” He’s a rock star olympian and Ohio transplant.
  9. @BFAS: Best Friends Animal Society, 31,120 followers. The most followed non-profit in Utah (even beats most of the for-profits). What do they want? No more homeless pets in Utah (or anywhere). We can stand behind that.
  10. @_AlexLawrence: Alex Lawrence, 28,832 followers. While many claim to be, this guy actually is one of Utah’s top entrepreneurs. He also teaches and play golf. Blogs at
  11. @Jesse: Jesse Stay, 27,650 followers. Social media architect for the LDS church, author, and all-around smart guy. Blogs at
  12. @Nitro_Circus: Nitro Circus, 26,341 followers. Oh yeah, these guys. MTV’s action sports enthusiasts.

And honorable mention, who just barely missed the cutoff (number one in my book)…

  • @Utah_Jazz: Utah Jazz, 26,240 followers. Let it be known that when the Jazz knocked off the Heat in Miami a few weeks ago “millsap” was a trending topic on Twitter. The best tweeets?

“Paul Millsap saved 8 people from a burning building and got a kitten out of a tree during TV timeouts during the 4th quarter.”

@JakeJeppsen: “Paul Millsap is the “bag” that broke Boozer’s hand.”

@Lockedonsports: “Arrived in Orlando. Paul Millsap flew the plane.”

“Hurricane Andrew just called Paul Millsap to concede.”

@Bluemoon_76: “Barack Obama dressed up as Paul Millsap for Halloween.”

you can find more of the Millsap tweets at