Utah's Best Holiday Social Media Campaign: ZAGG 12 Weeks of Christmas

Posted on December 23, 2010 by


Tis the season. Friday night Santa will be flying around the world and delivering presents at warp speed, but for some people Christmas came early. One of the hottest social media hits this holiday season started back in early October when Zagg kicked off its 12 Weeks of Christmas Giveaways. Zagg has been giving away all things Apple and other electronic goodies to the tune of $25,000.

Though I have yet to score off of entering myself, it seems to be a huge success for Zagg. I can’t even check my feed on Facebook without seeing a couple of friends everyday that have entered the competition. That is the brilliant part of the campaign. Each person is allowed to enter each week by submitting an email address, and then they have options to gain extra entries by broadcasting to their friends via Facebook and Twitter. Thus, they turned the competition into a comprehensive social campaign. Businesses around the nation could learn from this, let alone those here in the Beehive State.

I’m not sure what the backend sophistication cost Zagg, but it must have paid off. According to topsy, there have been over 96,000 tweets with over 3,000 in the last day alone!

But social media is not a new thing for Zagg. It has been an important part of the company’s marketing strategy since Zagg first began. You may recall seeing some innovative youtube videos showing off Zagg’s flagship product the invisibleSHIELD. In fact, the Zagg channel has over 12 million views for its videos. The Zagg Facebook page is pushing 100,000 “likes” and they are already gearing up to celebrate when it happens. Not too shabby.

So all in all, what are the results? Well with a little help of some great promotions, on Cyber Monday the Zagg webservers were overloaded with demand and crashed. Though it sucks that the servers crashed it shows that their marketing has paid off big time. Zagg has seen huge growth in revenue and expects 70% growth this year. That is great for any company, let alone one from our very own Utah. Way to make us proud!

Bottom line is Zagg is doing something right with social media and it would be worthwhile to pay attention.