Jimmer scores 47, mentioned 3,000+ times on twitter

Posted on January 12, 2011 by


This tweet by Seth Davis (reporter for CBS) was retweeted 41 times

It was quite the show last night as  the BYU Cougars took on their rival Utes at the Huntsman center. But it quickly become the Jimmer Fredette show as the BYU star scored 47 points, handing the Utes their seventh straight loss. But what we took notice of (as you might have guessed) is that Jimmer Fredette quickly became a trending topic on twitter. According to TweetStats.com, Jimmer was right up there with “Quack Quack Quack” (ok, maybe not that popular, but he made it into their mention map, which is not that easy to do). Overall, the words “Jimmer” or “Fredette” were tweeted a whopping 3,079 times, while the word “BYU” (excluding Fredette) was only mentioned 450 times. I guess we know who got the credit.

Want to follow Jimmer on Twitter? I don’t think he has an account, but the owner of the @JimmerFredette handle seems eager to sell it. Not sure what the price is yet. But at the rate this kids going, you can expect a hard bargain.

Can you find Jimmer in  this screen shot of trending topics? (via TweetStats)