10 free tools for social media managers

Posted on January 21, 2011 by


More and more people are being asked to take on social media roles for their company, whether it’s managing a Facebook page or opening a Twitter account. And with very few people getting formal social media training it can be a pain in the neck to figure out if these efforts are paying off. We’ve compiled a list of 10 free tools that you can use to analyze your efforts and see if you’re getting the results you want. Believe it or not, I use these almost everyday:

  1. Topsy: topsy.com is a great resource for searching the social web. What it’s most useful for is finding out how many people have tweeted information from a specific website. You’ve obviously seen sharing buttons on websites and blogs that say “tweet this.” But how do you find out if anyone actually has? Just copy and paste that URL into Topsy and it will show you just about every tweet containing that site. It’s a great way to find out who likes your blog/site enough to share it. These folks are your advocates. Treat em right.
  2. Booshaka: Booshaka is very similar to Topsy, but for Facebook. Simply copy and paste the title (not URL) of a blog post or web page and Booshaka will show you who’s talking about it. It’s not the most accurate tool in the world, but it will give you some insight as to what (if anything) people are saying
  3. Hootsuite: If you aren’t using Hootsuite, jump on it now. It’ll change the way your organization does social media. From Hootsuite you can manage multiple social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook pages alike) and can also schedule tweets and posts for the future (so you can make it look like you’re still tweeting even thought you took the day off to ski). Another great feature is that you can set up keyword searches and see who’s tweeting about your industry/interests (a great way to find influential peeps). But the best part of all is that Hootsuite gives you stats. You can see how many people clicked on your links as well as influential people that have mentioned you. When you’re ready to upgrade, Hootsuite has an excellent professional version.
  4. Wanna go local? A sweet alternative to Hootsuite has been developed right here in Utah. Check out TwitJump (built by Utah entrepreneur @_AlexLawrence). TwitJump let’s you manage multiple accounts and schedule tweets. It even has basic analytics. It’s only down fall? The mobile app is iPhone only.
  5. While we’re talking local, you should also check out Social Too (which is run by Utah’s @Jesse – someone every Utahn should follow). Social Too will synch up your followers (instantly following back anyone who follows you) and also has a pretty nice set of online survey tools so you can create polls to send out to your followers (on Twitter and Facebook)
  6. Yahoo Site Explorer: Great resource to see who’s linking back to your blog. The more people linking back to you, the better your search engine visibility.
  7. Tweepi: Want to rid your account of spam? Head on over to Tweepi.com. Tweepi will show you who you’re following that’s not following back, how often the people you’re following actually tweet (a good indication of spammy and dead-beat accounts), and help you find new people to follow. It’s a great tool for managing your audience and pinpointing who you really want to reach.
  8. Tweetreach: So just how many people actually saw those tweets? Plug in a URL to Tweetreach.com and it’ll show you how many times a URL has been retweeted as well as the total number of followers of everyone that retweeted it. That number can be interpreted as your “tweet reach,” or the number of people that could have potentially seen your message. However, a good rule-of-thumb is to assume that less than 10% of that number actually saw the tweet, let alone cared about it.
  9. Mentionmap: wondering who you’re talking with the most? Plug your Twitter handle into Mentionmap and it will draw out a nice little diagram of who you mention and how often you do it. You can also find out who’s mentioning you. It’s a great way to see who you’re obsessing about (hopefully it’s not always @JustinBieber)
  10. Twellow: Twellow is basically the Yellow Pages for Twitter. You can plug in a location, a topic, an industry (whatever) and Twellow will pull up a ton of people who have put those items in thier Twitter profile. This is great way to find people with similar interests. Or if you’re a local business, it’s a terrific way to find people right here in Utah that you should be talkin with.

That’s all I got. You know of any other tools we should add to the list? Put it in the comments or tweet it out to me @hungryhive