No Swearing in Utah (at least on Twitter)

Posted on January 26, 2011 by


According to a map published this week by cartography expert Daniel Huffman, Utah curses the least out of any state on Twitter. The map shows areas of high profanity as mountains (the lighter colored areas) and areas of low profanity as plains (the darker colored areas)(see map below). The lowest spot in the country just so happens to be Eastern Utah (a desolate wasteland where no one actually lives… Kidding, of course. I love Grand County).

According to Huffman’s blog, he examined the usage of six main words (plug your ears everyone): f***, shit, bitch, hell, damn, ass. “I tried a few other words here and there, some of Carlin derivation, and found that I wasn’t seeing too many hits” he writes. “Those six seemed to be the bulk of the traffic, so I kept it simple. I also checked to see if I was catching false positives — “mishit,” for example, and didn’t see too many. I didn’t have any actual hard numerical criteria as to how many is too many, since I was making this for my own amusement. Don’t tell my parents about any of this.”

As a matter of fact, profanity on Twitter has even pushed  one Utahn to develop a “Foul Language Control” app for Twitter. Mike Grace (@MikeGrace) has developed a Kynetx browser plug-in that will filter out all those dirty words you don’t want to see. Click here for a free download of his app. Mike’s also developed a TON of other cool Twitter plug-ins.

Now, If you’re one of those folks that have never cursed on Twitter, I’ve decided to make this as easy as possible for you. All you have to do is click on this button and you will be redirected to your twiter account with a profanity-laden tweet. You’ll have one more opportunity to reivew it before hitting send, but I promise the sin will be on my head. So go on! Give it a try! [button link=”” color=”green”]Click to Curse[/button]

There of course remains some debate as to what actually constitutes a swear in this day and age. As one commenter on Huffman’s blog stated “I think this map’s inaccurate because it doesn’t take into account the propensity of people in Utah (especially teenage males) to use swearing euphemisms (aka “minced oaths”) in conversation. These would include words such as “flip” and “fetch” for the “f” word. It’s actually a joke in Utah and other Mormon communities. No, people don’t swear, but they do.”

So what do you think? Do you curse on Twitter? I sure as hell don’t.