Utah has lowest Twitter usage in the country??? So says a new study.

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Well, I don’t believe it. But according to a report published last week called Digital America, Utah ranks #50 for Twitter usage in the country. The report claims that .35% of the state uses Twitter. This study seems to conflict with data from a report several weeks ago by Hubspot claiming that Utah was the fastest growing market for Twitter in the country.

There are several obvious reasons why this report, prepared by the PR firm DCI Group, is total BS. First and foremost is the source of their data. Twitter Data for Digital America was collected directly from Twellow.com, an online Twitter yellow pages. But Twellow is a terribly unreliable source. Twellow currently claims to have only 30.5 million Twitter profiles in it’s directory, out of over 200 million total users! The last time Twitter had only 30 million users was in Spring of 2009. Does this seem a bit outdated to you?

Let’s compare this date to the Hubspot report that named Utah the fastest growing Twitter market. The Hubspot report claimed Utah Twitter usage was 23% above the national average and that Twitter was growing faster in Utah than anywhere else in the country (66% above the national growth rate). Hubspot gathered its data using its own tool, Twitter Grader. Now I don’t know the ins-and-outs of Twitter Grader, but I’m guessing It’s a lot more sophisticated than simply plugging in the word “Utah” into Twellow.com and recording the results from the query (which apparently DCI Group didn’t even get that one right. According to Twellow, there are over 22,000 Twitter accounts in Utah. The DCI report suggests there are just over 9,600 users). The Hubspot report lists 41 states below Utah. The DCI report takes us from #9 overall, to #50. Something’s fishy. In fact, it reminds a lot of the NCAA selection committee taking Utah State down form #17 overall (according to ESPN poll) to a 12 seed, but that’s a totally different story.

So there you have it. The DCI report is suspect. I admire their effort, but they failed big time. Social media analytics are hard. I know. But that’s no excuse for publishing total BS that a high school student would have caught (shout-out to high school students!).

The other half of the DCI report ranks states on their Facebook presence. Again, the data source is subject and comes from a personal blog by Nick Burcher (anybody know who Nick Burcher is?). It ranks Utah as #10 for Facebook usage with 43% of the population using the world’s most popular social network.

If you’re as outraged as I am, I invite you to tweet your rage directly to DCI Group (seriously). Just click on the button bellow:

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