#Ibelievethatwewillwin: Calling all basketball fans (Aggies especially)

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The Utah State Aggies have one of the loudest and wildest student sections in all of college basketball. Later today they will be taking their chants to Twitter when the Aggies take on Kansas State in the first round of the NCAA tournament. A group of students are rallying with the hashtag #Ibelievethatwewillwin. This is a definning chant that starts off every Aggie game and will now be adopted to Twitter (see video below). The goal of this twit-chant is two fold. One, to rally the troops in support of a team that finished the season at 30-3 yet recieved a 12th seed. And two, see if we can get #Ibelievethatwewillwin to be a trending topic on Twitter. The second goal seems a bit lofty, but if the Aggies defeat K-State (which I’m betting on) then it may very well take off. When the aggies are hot, they are a fascinating team to watch, and tweet.

#BYU fans are also encouraged to participate – who couldn’t use a bit of extra cheering on Twitter?! And actually, the goal here is really to get teams and fans all over the country to use this hashtag. So let’s hop to it!

to check the trending status of this hashtag go to trendsmap.com (i’d include a link bit i’m typing this one my phone, with my thumbs, at 2:00 ET in the morning)

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