Amazing Grace: New extension developed in Utah shortens URLs directly from Twitter

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Several weeks ago Tech Crunch reported on a rumored URL shortener that would have the ability to shorten URL’s directly from Twitter’s status bar. This report sent some in the tech world a flutter. Would we finally be able to simply paste a URL in twitter and shorten it from there, without having to use a third party application like! This has, after all, been an issue that Twitter users have complained about for exactly five years (today is Twitter’s fifth birthday). Unfortunately, these rumors were false. There was no URL shortener. The status quo was here to stay.

That’s when Utah’s own Mike Grace (or as some call him – myself included – “Amazing Grace”) kicked into high gear and whipped out his own extension for Chrome and Firefox that does exactly what we’ve all been waiting for: shorten URL’s directly from Twitter.

Notice the sweet little shortener here?


All you need to do is download the extension (built on the Kynetx platform) and you’re ready to go crazy, shortening URLs without a care in the world. It’s that simple.

Amazing Grace has also built a butt-load of other amazing apps (this guys the real deal). You can check em out at

I completely agree with Jesse

Download the URL shortener:




Google Chrome





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