The Tale of a Twitter Convert

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This is a guest post by Jared Fulgham

I decided to write this post about my Twitter “conversion” story. My relationship with Twitter hasn’t always been the best. If there are any readers who are not currently using this tool, hopefully they will not make the mistakes that I did. I am fairly new to the whole blogging scene. By new I mean I have tried several times and failed miserably, so please bear with me.

When I first heard about Twitter I thought it was the dumbest idea I’d ever heard. Then it got worse. I heard stories about girls swooning over Ashton Kutcher on Twitter. The very thought was disgusting to me (I’ve always had issues with people putting so-called “stars” above themselves). Idolizing Ashton Kutcher was sickening to me – not that there is anything wrong with Mr. Kutcher; that’s not my point. Right then and there I made a pact with myself: I would NOT join Twitter. I had drawn the line. I mean, just check out this video below:

Needless to say, I am still eating my words to this day. I have been on and addicted to Twitter for almost a year now and I am not turning back.

In May of 2010 I attended one of my best friend’s wedding. During the reception, another of our best friends convinced us to create private Twitter accounts for communicating in our group of friends. I was leery of doing it because of my pact, but I reluctantly agreed. When I got home, I pulled out my computer and cautiously pulled up Originally I called myself @SpartacusXIII, but to me it didn’t matter; this Twitter thing was only going to be a means of communication between a small group of friends. Needless to say, it took me less than three days to be completely hooked. Thanks to my Android phone I had constant access to the new information system I had found. I went from a skeptic to a believer, not because of the famous people who were on twitter, but because of the world of information that was now at my disposal and the friends I have made throughout the world. And in this is the true beauty of Twitter.

The world has become information-centric and, in my humble opinion, Twitter is on the forefront of providing immediate information. When the whole Brandon Davies issue arose, I knew of the suspension at least four hours before my brother-in-law who is not on Twitter. And I let him know it. Repeatedly. If you are seeking instant information, look no further than Twitter.

Now those of you who are reading this might be thinking, “what does this have to do with Utah and social media?” Social media is blossoming in Utah because of stories like this. The world is becoming a community, and Utah is a major player in the social media movement. Twitter especially provides a way of building and developing meaningful relationships, whether it is in the business world or in the things that we share in common with other users, it is completely about interaction. That is why I am eating my words now love Twitter.

Jared Fulgham is a technical writing senior at Utah State University and a major tech/Twitter nerd. You can find him on Twitter at @Tech_Jared

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