What the #Aggielife? An analysis of Aggies on Twitter

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It’s no secret that I’m a proud alum of Utah State University, class of 2010. In the 17 months since I left school I have watched in awe at the explosive growth in the number of Aggies on Twitter. A year ago, there were maybe a dozen students who even occasionally logged in. Now the #Aggielife hashtag (started by Jordan Hunt) is a-buzz and I always know what’s going on around campus, even though I live 2,100 miles away. It’s gotten so big in fact that the Huntsman School of Business just passed the 10,000 follower mark and has become one of the 10 most followed business schools in the world (yeah I know, followers schmollowers. But hey, it has to count for something).

So I decided to do what I always do: collect some data, bust out an excel spread-sheet and analyze the hell out of it. From 9/15 – 9/29 I recorded every tweet posted containing the #Aggielife hashtag using Rowfeeder. Here’s what I found:

Total Tweets: 966

Tweet Reach: 605,621 (tweet reach is a bogus metric we like to use to show how many people could have potentially seen the tweets being monitored. It is the sum of all the followers of each account that used the #aggielife hashtag).

Tweets over time:

Most reweeted tweet: This tweet by Sterling Morris was retweeted 21 times. The tweet contained a link to a screen-shot of a USU banner advertisement that some USU students had put up on CougarBoard.com (BYU’s fan forum). Go Hackers!

Twitter accounts that use the #Aggielife hashtag most frequently:

WilkLogan 53
aboutjordan 47
Huntsman_School 38
rybay 38
BrookalookTrout 27
ASUSU1888 25
brockstaylor 24
smorris27 24
msqu 22
MurilloJCarlos 19
apope92 18
tbmarchant 16
bradensthompson 14
JaredHonda 14
rebeccagloverrr 14
robgoates 14
HSBInternships 13
AprilAsh2012 12
shandyycandyy 10
usuHURD 10


#Aggielife accounts with most followers:

Twitter Handle Name Followers
Huntsman_School Huntsman School 10,058
effectint Effect International 2,572
CVDaily CacheValleyDaily 2,014
USUAggies USUAggies 1,870
AdornMeGirl Kendra Morris 1,664
travis_chambers Travis Chambers 1,400
Bwagz9_TS Bobby Wagner 1,195
smorris27 Sterling Morris 1,161
HSBInternships Huntsman Internships 994
UtahStateAlumni Utah State Alumni 917



And just for fun, a word cloud created from the content of all 966 tweets:

That’s it. Any other numbers you’d like to see?








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